Tuesday, November 01, 2005

HO HO HO or: How We Spent Our Time in the Pool today

Why is the surf in Nha Trang too high for swimming? Blow-blow-blow-chi-minh

What do venture capitalists have to do in Vietnam? Co-co-co-chi-minh

What did the Americans have to eat when we lost the war in Vietnam? Crow-crow-crow-chi-minh

What don’t you need a lot of on a Vietnam vacation? Dough-dough-dough-chi-minh

What do you do in the Mekong River Delta? Row-row-row-chi-minh while you go-go-go-chi-minh with the flow-flow-flow-chi-minh

The sidewalk trees that are fine for the locals but cause us to stoop are Low-low-low-chi-minh

What do local landscapers do to maintain the Ana Mandara lawn? Mow-mow-mow-chi-minh

What happens when you photograph a governmental office here? It’s a no-no-no-chi-minh

What do Vietnamese people eat for breakfast? Pho-pho-pho-chi-minh

How do the NVA uniforms still look? So-so-so-chi-minh

What do you avoid in the Imperial Palace Acting School on a hot steamy day? The show-show-show-chi-minh

What form of precipitation does not exist here? Snow-snow-snow-chi-minh

The unstable weather keeps you on a yo-yo-yo-chi-minh when you’re planning your swimming schedule

Want to play our little party game? See how clever you can be: post your own. We'll give a prize of 500,000 dong to the best question and answer.

Nota bene: We withheld many of our associations because of not wanting to make light of the horror of our war here


Sherlock said...

What happens in Vietnam when you're not careful while wearing sandals?
You could stump your toe-toe-toe-chi-minh.

Sherlock said...

What's the best smell in Vietnam? (At least to Lori...)? A steaming cup of joe-joe-joe-chi-minh.

What's the job of the gov't in Vietnam (indeed, anywhere!)? To protect the status quo-quo-quo-chi-minh!

LDH said...

WE HAVE A WINNER! Sherlock, those are great...