Friday, November 04, 2005

HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City), formerly known as Saigon

In HCMC we stayed at a famous hotel called The Majestic -- it's on a big corner facing the Saigon River. Here's the front of the hotel:

This is the pool -- we swam a lot. When we got there, our room wasn't ready for a few hours so we swam.

This could be traffic anywhere in Vietnam:
Loads of people on bikes, and see the face masks? They wear them because the air smells SO BAD you can't imagine it. We felt trapped in our great hotel in Nha Trang because the air burned our eyes and choked us. Women frequently wear these masks, and if they have short sleeves they wear gloves that go above their elbows.

The market in HCMC. We didn't see any dog.

This is the Reunification Palace. Presidents of Vietnam used to live here, until some guy flew a plane in, and other guys drove tanks in, and
liberated Saigon. Now it's a museum.

This is the plane the guy flew -- actually, a model of the plane the guy flew. He's a big hero of Vietnam.

The next morning we were off to Singapore.

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