Friday, November 04, 2005

After midnight

One of the main roads into Chinatown --
such a great place to visit.

And then we came upon this amazing Hindu temple:

There was this really loud, cacophonic music going on inside. One guy was ringing a bell, one guy was playing some kind of clarinet-like instrument, and one guy was totally blissed out, playing a drum. The guy on stage was waving fire around. Incense was in the air. It was crazy and loud and strange and hypnotic. I took a video of it, if I ever figure out how to post video I will. They surely participate in a different version of the world than I do; I wish I could see their version.

Marc, taking pics in Chinatown:

In Little India: Happy Deepavali, y'all.....We ate a fantastic and very spicy dinner.

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I'm having fun following your travels!!

Karen ;)