Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Short and sweet, with a promise of more

The China Sea (Gulf of Tonkin, actually) is behind us, and we're full of potato salad and bland food and all the Perry Como music you could ever wish for. We're in Halong Bay on our cruise, which turned out to be full of cruise ship type folks: old soldiers from Australia, women with elastic waistbanded pants pulled up over their big tummies, and old men with shorts and black knee socks. We were cornered by one Australian ex-soldier at the stern -- his primary topic of conversation was his drinking adventures in southeast asia. Beer is $12 in Korea, only $2 in Vietnam, much better. More than that in Australia. This was his first trip back to Vietnam since he was here fighting the war, so I asked him how it felt to be back. He just said, "We'll see when I get to Saigon." So the food was awful, but the scenery was incredible. The skies were cloudy for the most part, but the bay was full of really kewl looking junks and maybe sampans, but we don't know how to spell that for sure.

We're in Hoi An now and we've been greeted by torrential rains. Let's see what develops.

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anna said...

whoah yer gonna come back with some crazy stories to tell at dinner parties... not that you go to dinner prties. but its nice to know youve got them. seen any multicolored smoke like in apocalypse now? and is everything 1/6 of the price (12/2=6, ergo: cheap stuff?) if so, im sure yer having a field day!