Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Preparing to prepare for take-off

This is a little anticipatory blogging. On Thursday night, when we're actually pulling into Newark airport, (a) it'll be dark, and (b) we'll be too excited to (c) take pictures of boring old Newark International Airport. So, just to kick off the trip, we decided to post a picture of our starting point.

Our airline seats are assigned, our suitcases are out, clothes are being arranged in stacks, last-minute purchases are being made, various itineraries are printed out, drugs are collected, and lists are being made. The most critical list for me, given my recent sudden onset Alzheimer's, is the "oh my god don't forget to do THIS!" list. He is much more thorough and organized, having done all the planning for the trip. Me, I've just been the happy recipient of all his work.

T minus 2 days....

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