Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Long Haul

Our trip looks something like this:
Singapore Airlines A340-500 ultra long-haul flights present operational challenges.
While Charles Lindbergh's recounting of his battle to stay awake on his epic 33.5-hr. flight from New York to Paris in 1927 is probably of little interest to the passengers on Singapore Airlines' ultra-long-range flights, it still is fundamental to the success of the operations, which since February 2005 have offered travelers the only nonstop service to the Lion City from Newark. Average flight time for Singapore-NY is 18 hr. while the trips home clock in at 19 hr.

But we'll be traveling in comfort, even though the flight is so damned long:

And we'll fly over the North cool is that!

After a few hours hanging around the (apparently) luxurious Singapore airport (I know, but that's what "they" say), we fly to Hanoi:

T minus 7 days and counting.....

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Cathleen Petree said...

Are you there yet? What are your first impressions of Hanoi?