Thursday, October 20, 2005

And we're off!

T-minus no more days! It's finally time to roll.... we're both so excited, and speaking just for me (the female member of the couple) I'm about to turn cartwheels. And I don't know how to turn a cartwheel, it could get ugly. Everything is done at work, everything is ready here at home, and in two hours we'll be driving to the airport.

So no posts for a little while, since we fly 19 hours, hang out in the Singapore airport for 5 hours (we plan to go swimming, since there is a pool in the airport), then 2 hours flying to Hanoi. Twenty-six hours until we land in Hanoi.

One final note of humility: This feels kind of grandiose, posting all our little quotidian details as if they're really of interest to anyone else. We know. We really don't think we're All That, but we hope you enjoy the pictures, once we get going in Vietnam. Thanks for all your good wishes and love and care -- next post, Vietnam!

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